How much Do I feed?

This is the second most popular questions, the first is what do I feed?

This question can be answered fairly easily, feed enough to keep your pet happy and healthy!  But there is a formula to get you started.

The general rule is to feed 2 – 3% of your dogs ideal weight, or in the case of a puppy the expected adult weight.  Use slightly less than 2% if your dog needs to loose weight or if your trying to put weight on your dog use more than 3%.  I also vary feeding according to activity.  We went winter camping with Bodhi when he was just 2 years old, we were in a tent and the temps dipped to -26 overnight, we were hiking and on the go all day.  I increased his food intake to almost 3 Lbs a day, almost double what he normally gets.  He didn’t gain any weight cause he was active all day, and needed the extra energy to keep warm during the cold nights.  I usually tell people if your dog looks fat, feed less, if they look skinny, feed more, it is really that simple, here is a quick chart of different body weights. body composition chart(Credit goes to Purina for this image)

I will use a dog who is 65 Lbs in an example.

65 Lbs X .02 (2%) = 1.3(which is equal to 590.2g, or 20.8 oz)

65 Lbs X .03 (3%) = 1.95 (which is equal to 885.3, or 31.2 oz)

I expressed the total in grams and ounces, you can use either or, depending on what your scale uses.

When I first started feeding raw I would weigh out every meal, making sure Bodhi was eating according to the 80/10/10. but once you get comfortable you will just guess, and keep track mentally that one meal was a really boney meal, so the next day should be more meaty and so on, ……but from time to time I still throw the food onto a scale just to make sure.

When feeding a puppy raw the same rules apply, just divide up the total food for the day (590.2 g) into three or four meals.  Alternatively puppy’s can also be fed 10% of their actual body weight, so put them on a scale and multiple by .10.  You can feed the 10% until it matches the 2 – 3%, then use 2 – 3% instead of 10% of actual weight.