Raw fed radar 9 year old Aussie

Healthy Raw Fed Dogs

A picture is worth 1000 words!

If at any point in time you think that kibble is healthy for your dog take a look at your dogs teeth, do they look like Radar’s teeth below? The Aussie on the left is Radar, he is 9 years old and was fed kibble his whole life.  He was switched from kibble to a raw, species appropriate diet in September 2011.

Radar’s new mom, Lisa, took these pictures in September of 2011, before she switched him to raw. (click to enlarge)

Rear teeth built up with tartar and calcium

Radar’s k9 teeth also have build up








See how red his gums are, and how thick the build up is, and how puffy and infected his gums look? They were quoted $900.00 to scrape and clean Radar’s teeth.  It would have taken multiple sessions and sedation! After 5 months of raw feeding they took another set of pictures in February 2012…

No more build up on the K9′s

Clean rear teeth








Clean pale pink gums, no redness or swelling, and his teeth are WHITE!! I cannot believe how well his teeth look now. Look at the two pictures on the left and how clean his front K9 tooth is… WOW, all from chewing, chomping and grinding up bones raw meat and organs.

A picture IS worth 1000 words.