Feeding Raw

If you are looking for  FAQ’s about feeding raw we have intentionally left them off of this page.  We prefer to speak to you in person about your specific needs via email or phone.  There is lots of valuable information on the web to get you started and point you in the right direction.  Here is a list of a few of the sites we used when we started feeding raw. We encourage everyone to do as much research as possible to help make you more confident in making the switch.

Raw Fed Dogs – check out their “recipes” page for a good visual image of cuts of meat to feed.
Raw Fed – A good “Myth’s about raw feeding” page.
Raw Learning – Check out the middle column part way down, FAQ’s, feeding fish, and info about supplements.
Dr. Karen Becker – A great resource for all pet issues, Dr Becker talks about raw food, Yeast, Vaccines, and ingredients found in Kibble.


FAQ’s about Raw4dogs.ca

Do you deliver?

Raw4dogs.ca does not offer home delivery.  We do however offer delivery to a single location in Innisfil.  To find out how this works and to be added to that mailing list please send us an email with “innisfil delivery” in the subject line.


Types of Payment

We accept cash or cheque and now as of January  2014 we can now accept Visa , MasterCard and Debit.  A small convenience fee will be applied for the CC service.  Please email for more information.


Where do your products come from and what is in them?

All of Raw4dogs.ca products come from Federally or Provincially inspected abattoirs or processing plants.  These are the same places that  process the food that is sold in major retailers.  All of the ingredients are the same as those that are used for human food. We do not process, make or mix any products ourselves.  We do not add any fruit or vegetables to the products. We purchase the raw products from the processing plants and re-portion some of them into more convenient serving sizes.


How do I purchase and pick up my food.

We operate by appointment. Please email appointments@raw4dogs.ca to book a time. Appointments are available Tuesdays and Thursdays 5PM-8PM and Saturdays 10AM-3PM. The pick up location is at 1922 Matheson Rd. Please use the second driveway.


Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We do not offer individual discounts, however we do occasionally run group buys.  From time to time we come across products that we can buy in large quantities at a discount, we then pass the savings along to you.  Group buys are announced through our Newsletter and will be posted on our facebook page.  To ensure that you receive our newsletter  with important discounts, announcements and hours of operation please sign yourself up: