Beef Tripe Bites


Beef Tripe Bites

These delicious Beef Tripe Bites are made from 100% Beef, including 75% Beef Tripe and 25% Beef Organs (Liver, Lung, Kidney, Spleen).  We grind the product very fine, stuff it into a collagen casing and then it’s smoked for 3-4 hours, and dehydrated until finished.  The smoking process cures any fat and oils, and also makes the smell of tripe disappear.

These can be used as a convenient training treat which offers high reward and includes all the health benefits of feeding Tripe and Offal.  For our sport dogs our packaging also includes a perfectly sized lid to act as a “target”.

Each Container contains 190g of product.

For more information or to order this product online visit Offal Good Treat Co