Raw4Dogs is a small, family run operation. We supply a variety of raw and natural foods for your dog, cat or ferret. We located near Craighurst in Springwater Township, Ontario.  Raw4Dogs strives to provide quality, species appropriate food at a reasonable price to feed to your beloved pets.

It has become a hobby, passion, and sometimes an obsession to find reasonably priced raw food to feed our two Nova Scotia Duck Tollers. After searching online for a one-stop shop in the Barrie, Ontario area we were unable to find one without going to the local grocery store and paying “retail” prices.

Raw4Dogs does the running around for you and is gathering it all into one location where you can find chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey,  fish and more. We are also small enough to provide personal attention to you.  If you are looking for something specific that is not listed on our website please let us know and we can work with our suppliers to provide an appropriate product for you.


How it Started

It all started when we purchased our first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Bodhi, from Ardbrae Kennels in 2008.  He was being fed a Raw diet at the breeders and we wanted to continue with this food.  In 2009 we moved to Innisfil and had to find new sources of raw food.  In order to provide a healthy variety of food we found ourselves driving long distances to many different locations.

At first we were picking up an extra box here and there while picking up food for our own dogs. The word got out that we were doing this and the orders and requests started coming in and Raw4Dogs was unofficially started. In October 2014 we made the move to Craighurst where we have expanded our  operation as well as our Family, with a total of 3 dogs and one Toddler. We are continuing  to grow  (the business)  at a rapid and surprising rate and are very happy that Raw Feeding as caught on!