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Species Appropriate Raw Food for Dogs

Barrie, Ontario's largest selection of raw dog food

What's so great about Raw?

Less vet bills, less doggy smell, better teeth and breath, shiny beautiful coats, and reduced chronic diseases. These are just a few of the benefits that we love about feeding our dogs a raw diet. Raw4Dogs.ca is the place to come for all your raw food needs. We can help you transition your dog from kibble, start your puppy on raw or find some more variety in your dog's diet. We are located in Innisfil, Ontario but also service surrounding areas, such as Barrie, Midland, Newmarket, and beyond. Please take some time to browse our product page and send us an email with any questions you have.

We are passionate about feeding our dogs the most species appropriate, healthiest and safest diet possible, and enjoy helping others discover all the wonderful benefits of a raw diet.

Raw Products

Salmon Chunks

$1.65/lb Salmon Chunks These are approx. 1/2...

Chicken Necks

$1.50/lb Chicken Necks Small chicken necks are...

Lamb Tripe

$2.35/LB Lamb Tripe Whole Lamb Tripe, frozen and...

Location and hours of operation

Head Office and Main Store

1068 Ewart St, Innisfil

Phone: 705-309-5240


Innisfil Locations

Monday July 7th
Thursday July 10th
Sunday July 13th 11am - 3pm
Tuesday July 15th
Wednesday July 16th
Saturday 19th 11am - 3pm
Thursday July 24th
Saturday July 26th 11am - 3pm
Tuesday July 29th
Thursday July 31st
Friday August 1st 12 - 3 pm

Hours 5 - 8 pm unless posted otherwise

Red Barn Delivery

Friday August 1 st 6 - 7pm

Pawsitive Reviews

Finally SOLID Poop

After 2 meals of raw!!

His stools seemed to have hardened today which is wonderful! It’s been a year and a half of diarrhea off and on.

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